Do you know, all the best things in the world is concentrated in Bideford Hills? The upcoming condo Bideford Hills will come with communal facilities such as BBQ Area, Gymnasium, Outdoor Fitness, Clubhouse, Yoga Lawn, and so on.

How long did you take the time to see a rain under your eaves when were a child? Bideford Hills new launch will offer you a ticket to back to your childhood with its luxurious and modern features. Pamper yourself in a 50 m Lap Pool, contemplate the city in the morning with all of the vibrancy from above. Take a deep breath and get more oxygen when stands by the Raintree Garden, read the book that you like best and lay down on the lawn and let the sunshine embrace your body. That's great!

And what makes you still disquiet? If you are afraid of the floor plans, don't spend time to think about it, check it out by yourself.

Bideford Hills Facilities

Facilities is coming soon, Please kindly CONTACT US or FILL IN THE FORM to get the first-hand information