Gem Residences Site Plan

Gem Residences Facilities


Here is where you will find a new lifestyle. It isn’t just the green landscaped boulevard or the state of-the-art kitchen and bathroom fittings in your house. It’s the way you can have ready-to-cook ingredients at your doorstep within the hour or a full buffet of gourmet food, if that’s what you need.


Luxuriate in the largely landscaped clubhouse, complete with kitchen facilities and sufficient dining and event space, to be well-suited for your entertainment needs. Spill the party out into the central pavilion beside for an alfresco element or leave it available for others to enjoy group evening yoga sessions.


Going Japanese and want to cook teppanyaki? Perhaps you’d rather an Australian-style grill or a good old-fashioned BBQ? Choose from one of our eight outdoor cooking facilities which come fully equipped with taps and sinks. Decide if you want a rooftop view, poolside facilities or lush greenery to go along with your party.


Save the time spent doing laundry and spend it with the people you love instead. Residents can request laundry service from the concierge on a regular or ad hock basis.


Our shopping specialists are experts not just at tracking down your desired items, but also at understanding your preferences and keeping an eye out for the coveted things you didn’t even know you wanted. With our large pool of resources and partners, anything is possible.


With our resourceful planners, you can be sure of a memorable party without needing to spend time on the multiple aspects of putting together one. It’s time to go a little crazier with your ideas.


Residents enjoy discounts for regional attractions in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Bali and more when they book via the concierge. Privileges extend to priority tickets for selected live events all around the world.


Technology can make things much more convenient and accessible — but first, it has to be working fine. Whether it’s setting up the router* to the free Wi-Fi* or fixing an online virus, let the concierge help.


The swimming pool caters to serious swimmers who want to swim longer distances on their laps.


Form your own soccer fan club with neighbours and friends at our sky bar, while non-fans enjoy the panoramic views and fresh grills.


Gem Residences will change the way you live. You can now do things more quickly and conveniently. As well as gain access to things that simply weren’t possible before. There’s a service for every need: private chef, food delivery to your doorstep, laundry cleaning. Even needs you didn’t have before. Like dining at the hottest tables with the girl you just met in London. It’s all at your fingertips – literally. Because here is where life is a cut above the rest.

Everything you need from the farm to your table, homecooked to gourmet

  • Food Delivery
  • Grocery Shopping & Delivery
  • Dining Reservation - Locally
  • Priority Access to Top Tables
  • Private Chefs / Private BBQ Cook
  • 8 Outdoor Cooking Areas
  • Rooftop Teppanyaki Dining Pavilion
  • Edible Gardens - Urban Farming
  • Spice & Herb Gardens
  • Clubhouse – Gourmet Kitchen
  • Scheduled Baking Demonstrations
  • Rooftop Sportbar & Grill Pavilion
  • House cleaning after the parties


Gem Residences will change the way you live. World-class facilities and dance classes just an elevator ride down, tennis courts and pools to enjoy with friends, even your favourite wholesome cooked meals and salads delivered in time for your post-workout! And if you need any medical leave, consult the doctor at the medical clinic scheduled regularly right within the condo. Living well has never been so accessible. Because here is where life is a cut above the rest.

Everything you need from the gym to jacuzzi, active to the relaxing

  • Pool Lounge / Sun Bathing Area
  • Pool Side Patio
  • 50m Lap Pool
  • Steam Room at Clubhouse
  • Indoor Gym
  • Kids’ Water Play and Pool
  • Salt Water Jacuzzi
  • Outdoor Fitness Station
  • Kids’ Playground
  • Tennis Court
  • Scheduled Medical Clinic
  • Swimming, Dance and Yoga Classes
  • Water Zumba Classes
  • On-Demand Concierge Services for post-workout meals

Your personal healthcare team

Residents at Gem Residences can enjoy scheduled visits from the Tetsuyu team for health assessments and screenings. What Tetsuyu offers is truly personal consultation services that keep updated on your medical history through the use of technology. This allows for consistency in treatment, almost like a concierge that knows what you want. According to Tetsuyu, research shows that patients who receive good home care are readmitted less often and with shorter hospital stays. Home care also saves family members the stress of commuting while allowing patients to recover in a familiar environment.


Gem Residences will change the way you live. It isn’t just the architecture of your house, with its state-of-art kitchen and bathroom fittings. It’s the way you can have ready-to-cook ingredients at your doorstep within the hour — or a full buffet of gourmet food, if that’s what you need. This is where a new lifestyle is designed for you. One where you can access anything from events, exclusive reservations and everyday services, even when you’re overseas. It’s all at your fingertips — literally. Because here is where life is a cut above the rest.

Everything you need from a stylish kitchen to that coveted handbag

  • Kitchen Appliances from SMEG
  • Bathroom Fittings from Hansgrohe
  • Bathroom Wares from Laufen
  • Clubhouse with Multi-Purpose Rooms, Gourmet Kitchen, Steam Rooms, Changing Rooms
  • 50m Lap Pool
  • Rooftop Teppanyaki Dining Pavilion
  • Lush Landscapes
  • Spice, Herb, & Urban Farming Garden
  • Pet Pool, Pet Run & Pet Shower
  • 8 Outdoor Cooking Areas

The New Contemporary

  • The multi-faceted nature of the town and lifestyle became one of the main drivers in designing this development.
  • A secondary underpinning notion is the idea of home as something precious — like a treasure, inspired by the warm, familiar, and intimate setting of Toa Payoh.
  • We choose a selection of finishes that retains a sense of modern elegance and goes hand-in-hand with the heritage influences.
  • We also placed amenities at shaded areas and in wide and open spaces to create more environments that are suited for community interaction.