Kingsford Hillview Peak Condo offers a variety condo facilities including massaging spa pool, kid's pool, pool deck, bbq pavilion, the great waterfall, outdoor movie theater, floating gym, sky tennis court and among them.

Kingsford Hillview Site Plan

Home for the Fitness Enthusiast

As Hillview Peak is in the nature reserve area, it provides good air quality; a better place to live the active lifestyle for those who are always maintaining good fitness, where age is just a number.

Indeed a place for healthy living

A great place to rejuvenate one's health. One that encourages healthy lifestyle... with good quality amenities of readily prepared healthy food to freshly produced from nearby wet & supermarkets to nourish and recover the body after all that physical activities.

Home to experience tranquility

Living in the forested area with gardens, floating landscape & waterfalls provides nature's healing power of tranquility and peace. A place where we could connect to our being, the Universal source of our creation.

Nurture balanced lifestyle

Whichever way you look at the balance, whether it is ying & yang or balanced of work & play - This is a great place to define a rich lifestyle. Where you achieve wellness through enrichment of the body, mind and spirit.