Come as one of the major commercial centres outside the city centre, Park Place Residences at PLQ will offer a high performance of Office Use, Shopping Experiences under your home roof - An All-in-One place where "people can live, work and play, and minimise the reliance on car transport, ideally" with a multitude of comprehensive facilities.

Park Place Residences Site Plan

1. Yoga Deck
2. Yoga Fountain
3. Reflexology Trail
4. Pool Side Terrace
5. South Courtyard
6. Clubhouse

  • Private Dining Room with Kitchenette
  • Entertainment Suite
  • Gym with State of the Art Equipment
  • Changing Rooms

7. Outdoor Dining Terrace
8. BBQ Deck
9. Sun Deck
10. Outdoor Shower
11. 50m Lap Pool
12. Aqua-therapy Pool with Daybeds
13. 20m Leisure Pool with Beach Gradient Entry
14. Kid’s Wading Pool
15. Cabanas
16. Lawn Terrace
17. Cascading Water Wall

18. North Courtyard
19. Kid’s Play Area
20. Trampoline Play
21. Fitness Deck

  • Drop Off (L1)
  • Management Office & Concierge Lobby (L1)
  • Bin Centre (L1)
  • Shared Bicycle Bay at multi-storey carpark (L3)
  • Shared Bicycle Bay at multi-storey carpark (L2)
  • Elevated Pedestrian Network to PLQ Retail Mall (L2)
  • Elevated Pedestrian Network to PLQ Office Tower (L3)
  • Substation (L1)

22. Outdoor Dining Terrace
23. BBQ Deck
24. Sun Deck
25. Outdoor Shower
26. 50m Lap Pool
27. Aqua-therapy Pool with Daybeds
28. 20m Leisure Pool with Beach Gradient Entry
29. Kid’s Wading Pool

Facilities @ Park Place Residences

Inspired by the intricate weaving patterns of the Songket, a traditional brocade textile of the Malays, the design language and colour palette of the façade, interior and landscape design seeks to unify the buildings and public areas, and seamlessly weave the four plots into a single tapestry.

The design of the Landscape Deck was conceptualised around the idea of community. This connected sequence of lushly planted spaces starts at the heart of the Public Realm and extends to each end of the Landscape Deck where the Yoga Deck and Kid’s Play Area are situated.

The Landscape Deck houses three pools which encompass a series of shallower play areas, pop jets and bubble water beds. A formal play area with more contemporary play equipment is located nearby so that the core active and recreational spaces are separated from the cabanas, and Cascading Water Wall to create an exclusive sanctuary for relaxation.