Influence of Macly Group with The Iviera

The Iviera site area stands at 14,579 sq ft. CBRE, which brokered the sale, said the use of the land has been zoned as "residential" with a plot ratio of 2.8 and a height control of 36 storeys. But it added that the verified existing gross floor area is about 49,265 sqft, which translates to a plot ratio of 3.379. The sale price of the development works out to about $1,461 psf ppr.

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The Collection By Ove


OVE is a lifestyle brand with a core ethos that modern luxury is no longer about what we have, but who we are. The Ove Collection houses contemporary lifestyle-driven homes for the modern generation. Every brand under its umbrella has its own identity — yet remains timeless in its own way.


Dear Reader,

OVE was founded with a philosophy that modern luxury for upcoming generations is no longer about what we have, but who we are. The brand was conceptualized in the Canary Islands, overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean; and it seemingly felt like an "alcove" of sorts — a getaway with complete freedom to be who you are without boundaries. With this lifestyle in mind, we then weave it into our spaces by layering minimalism, natural light, nature, and wellness.

Our maiden development, The Iveria, is inspired by New York City. The building shape resembles a modern version of the iconic Flatiron Building that has withstood time. With its location in the heart of Singapore's cityscape, we hope to inspire a cosmopolitan lifestyle for the upcoming generation who are forward, bold, trendy, & always on top of the latest trends. As with our approach, the color palette is kept minimalist; while the design inspiration is contemporary.

The cover of this brochure features New York's classic city skyline and was personally photographed by me. In delivering this brand, I hope to bring forth a personal touch to our buyers — as a home is personal, like me to you.





Macly Group (est. 1987) is an established property developer based in Singapore with a track record of developing landed properties, apartments, condominiums, mixed developments, commercial and cluster housing projects. Between 2004 to 2018, the Group developed and launched more than 30 residential and commercial developments in Singapore.




Lim Wen Heng (est. 1994) has established itself as one of the construction specialists in Singapore, registered as an Al contractor with the Building and Construction Authority. Priding itself on its ability to build exquisite, modern, yet functional homes, Lim Wen Heng hopes to capitalize on their two decades of experience as a builder and realize their vision of "Creating Beautiful Homes for Everyone".